Pencil portrait by Kim Bogart

A self-proclaimed chatterbox, Janice was born when the Sun and Mercury were in Gemini, creating a strong drive for self expression and communication.


From her first  memorization of Edgar Allan Poe's, "Annabel Lee," Janice was hooked on poetry. The rhythm, imagery and expression captured her imagination. Throughout junior and senior high school English classes, writing was her passion. With encouragement from her Art teacher, Fred De Robertis,  Janice pursued her other love, art and design. She graduated from School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and later attended William Patterson University pursuing a degree in Art Education.


Although never teaching, Janice had a successful career as a graphic designer, package designer, art & design director and brand manager, all requiring extensive promotional and business writing, enabling Janice to enjoy both her loves.


Retired from the "rat race",  Janice is a member of  Gallery B Writers, 

Main Line Writers' Group, Off Line Poets and International Writer's Guild. Living in Chester County Pennsylvania Janice works part time at the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce. She is working on a second poetry book and a food memoir.