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5 Star reviews on Amazon!

I love to read food and cooking memoirs and this one is delightful. ... Her descriptions of the meals made my mouth water! She also includes some of the recipes that she mentions in the stories. This book is collection of stories about food and family. It's a warmly told tale and I read it straight through, totally captivated by the food descriptions and family stories. Five stars for the wonderful writing and heartwarming stories!

~ Janice Blake, review

With colorful detail and emotion, Janice O’Brien draws us into moments of time that were full of love and the love of food. This nostalgic journey is skillfully woven together in the tradition of the best of storytellers. You won’t find another book about family and food as nourishing as this. ~ Pamela Hodges, author, The Artist’s Manifesto, How to Be a Cat, review,

“Eating My Way Through Life” leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. I didn’t want the story to end!   ~ review,

“From home-baked apple pies to Shirley Temples and satisfying slices of pizza to meals in Bermuda, London, Italy, Ireland, and Germany, we are on an exciting gastronomic tour.” ~ review,

“I love it! Lots of delectable details ... mouthwatering but also family love and togetherness, plus friendship and neighborliness...”   ~ Sindiwe Magona Ph.D Award winning South African author, storyteller and poet


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