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O’Brien’s sensitively rendered collection of poems reflects life in all its profound complexity. It is a brilliant quilt stitched with the needle of a heart that has lived with the gift of feeling not blunted even by the cruelest of events. Forgiveness does not appear in word but permeates throughout – that is grace. There is no rancor, which makes the collection impactful for it takes us to who we wish we could be, especially when we have strayed far off the mark.


~ Sindiwe Magona

Award winning South African writer, storyteller and poet

Filled with short, "in the present moment" kinds of poems, the book is breezy and interesting. Ms. O'Brien's poetry invites us to live for the now too. Stop and smell the roses. The title is hilarious. I like it.

~ Balance me

Fun, creative and interesting, this collection of poems exemplify the vim and vigor of a talkative talent, one Ms. Janice O'Brien. Her personal wit and charm are replete in it's pages and stand out in a sea of mediocrity. Nobody writes a book of poems to make a million dollars, we do it for the fun and excitement, to share our inner selves with the world. For a good time, read; Poems I Wrote When I Wasn't Talking!

~ By Sir Ebril Cortez 

O'Brien's poems touch a nerve, and the reader knows s/he is not alone. My expectation: The next collection of O'Brien's poems!

~ Pearl Girl

Janice O'Brien pulls you in from the first poem "The Mango". I love how she uses something so simple to take you on a journey down memory lane. Poems I Wrote When I Wasn't Talking has a wonderfully refreshing way of drawing you in and allowing you to connect with the author. I believe the name of the book is ironic as while you read each poem, you feel as though you are having a conversation with her. By the end of the book you know she has a fun obsession with food, is practical and funny, is a romantic, appreciates nature and art, and family is at the center of her universe. As a reader, I very much connected with her words and message and I found myself reading many of the poems several times before wanting to move on.

~ Kira

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