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A 5 Star review on Amazon from

"I received this book on Wednesday, 8/9, and finished it this morning, 8/11. In two short days, I was transported to the many memories of my own families' gatherings, the food, the drink, and the celebrations all led by the most wonderful FOOD! The author is able to give you a seat at her table, recalling all of her favorites, and you can see, taste and smell the meals that she is describing. Sharing the recipes is an added bonus! This book is well-written and was hard to put down! I think the most important takeaway is that the author not only enjoyed the food, but learned how to prepare it, and even was employed in jobs that allowed her to fulfill her passion."


                       Paws in Order


“I love it! Lots of delectable details ... mouthwatering but also family love and togetherness, plus friendship and neighborliness...”


                        Sindiwe Magona Ph.D

                        Award winning South African 

                              author, storyteller and poet

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