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Food played a starring role in Janice O’Brien’s family growing up. Every meal she ate was delicious. She grew up eating appetizing food made by her parents, grandparents, aunts and neighbors. Everyone in her life was a superb cook, she was a lucky girl.


Janice became a wonderful cook too, enjoying baking and entertaining, like the generations before her. Ultimately, all the delectable food Janice cooked and ate caught up with her. She was overweight. Coming from an alcoholic family and avoiding alcohol during her life, she realized food became her “drug” of choice. It became clear she was addicted to sugar and carbohydrates. 


Eating My Way Through Life! Tales of Great Cooks & Delicious Food is a collection of stories about how family and food influenced Janice’s life and her relationship with food.


Find out what Janice cooks and eats today, dealing with grain allergies and her addictions. Included are some great family recipes too.

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